About Quickbase

Base for Business uses Quickbase to host all databases because of its flexibility, security, and web access. Base for Business is an Quickbase Solution Provider - Silver Parter.


  • Fully customizable, scalable, web-enabled, hosted database
  • Used by more than half of the Fortune 100
  • Puts development in the hands of business managers
  • Data housed in a secure facility with full redundancy and security features
  • All information is just a few clicks away; drill down into child records or roll up to parent information
  • Automatic summarizing and roll-up of data by person, project, region, or other grouping
  • Easily customized reports
  • Different dashboards and reports depending on the role in company and permission level
  • Bar charts, Gantt charts, and other charting
  • Customizable permission levels by field or table
  • Can apply business processes, rules and approval
  • Automatic SMS text or email notifications and reminders
  • Integration to QuickBooks, SalesForce, Bill.com and other systems
  • No special software required
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access