Potential Applications

PM CRM Teams Custom

The table below shows just some of the applications that have been developed in the past. However, since the system is fully customizable, the database can be used whenever you have forms or spreadsheets that need to be shared with several team members, including those in remote locations.

Project Management (PM) Allow remote project managers to access all critical data for their projects from anywhere, from project budget and billing to internal and external workflow and schedule and backlog (see sample database structure).
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Track sales data for entire team to identify the sales pipeline, sales forecast, and revenue projections.
Remote Team Management Allow collaboration among remote team members to allow instant sharing of information and tracking of tasks and the schedule.
Maintenance Management Track all preventative maintenace schedules, work orders, asset (equipment) management and repair history, and maintenance budget planning. Log in.
Customized Customize your own solution to meet your team's critical information and data sharing needs.